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Why Should I Read CT Technology Testimonials?

Our customers have been leaving reviews on Google to let everyone know how great and helpful of a job we’re doing when it comes to being the solution for their Ponca City IT Support needs. In fact, we encourage you to please take a look at some of our reviews. You will find that the feedback we received from both current and previous customers is phenomenal. We will always leave making sure our customers are taken care of, regardless of the situation or vendor/technology in place. Our end result is getting things done in a timely fashion. Our support method exists with a firm foundation of customer support.

We understand that taking on an IT or MSP Company to manage your IT operations can be a lot to understand. That is why we want to earn your business first. We make it to where you truly have nothing to lose with a $1 IT Support Consultation. However, we do require one thing. We require you to read our reviews to see for yourself. If we are earning your business, rather than forcing you into a situation when you are desperate like many IT Companies do, we want you to know for yourself what our clients have to say about our ability to provide them with Network IT Solutions.


What Kind of Customer Can CT Technology Help?

CT Technologies trip to handle all kinds of customers ranging from five user systems all the way up to 1,000 workstations. However, our sweet spot is right at 20 end users. So, what exists in a 20 user environment is going to get the most value when it comes to our solution for their needs. Our enterprise-level infrastructure and support services show we also have an in-house, cyber defense team and IT operations department. This maintains all equipment services and Ponca City IT Support all under one roof.

Our background is mainly in the help desk and engineer end enterprise arena and review. Many of the partners that we deal with find they need help with the physical equipment, the hardware. We also deal with broken Sonic-wall and several other vendors that we partnered up with over the past 11 years so we have a great track record of keeping our customers happy. Over the course of CT Technologies’s existence, which is now working on it’s 11th year in the industry as a high-level IT Support partner, we took care of every round of issue for our customers. We don’t back away from any issue. Imagine this when it comes to IT Support and our team, if we haven’t seen it we will find a partner that will help with the project to make sure we service any and all of your needs. Our goal at the end of the day, is to make sure that absolutely all of our customers are happy. But not only that, we want to make sure all of our end-users have a good experience using our products services equipment and support.

CT Technologies provides proactive support on situations where our customers data is at risk. We also provide several policies and seizures to make sure that all systems are running at 100% efficiency and with a 1% downtime for back ups, test disaster recovery procedures and more Ponca City IT Support assistance.

During our 11 year tenure we have been working with several different businesses are trucking companies accounting firms Dennis office doctors office clinics title companies several other nonprofit organizations we are looking to be a resource capability solutions for companies in need.

CT Technologies is available to help customers with the little issues and only a few PC’s, all the way up to customers with 100+ PC’s. The testimonials grouped and batched for your convenience show you one common thing amongst all of our clients…. Complete satisfaction. But don’t believe us…. See for yourself.

See Our Testimonials!

See Our Testimonials!

CT Technologies has been delivering and implementing excellent service and top notch technology always.The support by their staff and personalized attention by Chis Tracy is a big differentiator from other solutions.
Upon implementing the CT Technologies services at the Tonkawa Casino, I was very impressed and satisfied with the final results

Source Control

Scott was great getting my password reset, so I could continue working. He was super fast!!!!

Jessica Lackey

David and the rest of the CTT team are amazing!

Amy Stasyszen

Fast and excellent service!

Daryle Aragon

Scott Jennings is always quick to respond to my needs and tickets. He is always a great help.

Tiffanie Graham

Scott has always been helpful when I need assistance. Good thing his office is right next to mine!! Thank you!!

Natasha Etter

Thanks Scotty for fixing all my Ponca City IT Support problems!!! Hes the BEST!!!!

Hattie Ray

CTT Is always quick to respond and work on any Ponca City IT Support issue that we have no matter what time we have them. Scott is great to work with.

Eric Harter

CT Technologies does a awesome job. Thanks Donnie for always taking care of my computer issues. All you guys are great at CT.

Angel Jackson

Quick & efficient! Fast response time and always pleasant and professional. No issue too small or too large, CTT is always on it. Scott J. with CTT hangs in there until the problem is resolved.

Ashley Bradford

C.T. Technologies does great work and provides excellent customer service. They are very professional and reliable. I appreciate all of Scott’s assistance!

JoAnn O'Bregon