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Why Should You Contact CT Technology?

CT Technologies is a consulting partner and has resources in all facets of information technology from an engineer in infrastructure network services security services as well as disaster recovery and implementation. If you’re looking for a technical partner, they can help you in all situations get to a better spot and have your back for Ponca City IT Support. CT Technologies is going to be a great asset and partner.

We offer custom pricing for our partners. That’s why we know Ponca City IT Support technology is a deep and sometimes overwhelming environment and we like to set up partnerships where we grow together with our partners. We are here for all of your heavy lifting needs. The CT Technologies IT Support, infrastructure as a service, as well as VoIP phone systems installation and configuration needs, we also provide disaster recovery and cyber defense services to make sure that all operations and customer and non-customer data is protected and in a safe format.

We are an MSP and also a (Multi-Media Signals Processing), MMSP and deliver security services at a reasonable cost to give small businesses the levers they need to be able to communicate expand and stay protected within their technology environment.

Our goal here at CT Technologies to integrate ourselves with our partners focus / goals and missions through numbers and technology and the ability to access their technology from any platform over the course of the current technology timeframe. Ponca City IT Support is our mission and we want to provide our support to anyone in need at an affordable rate.

Most of our customers contact us in an urgent state of IT support needs and we are able to step in, place on a temporary basis to get operations and infrastructure’s going again. Account manager from there will work with you on an assessment plan They will help us evaluate your current weaknesses strengths and costly of coming hardware replacements. When partnering with CT Technologies we offer several packages that include all hardware for server infrastructure network infrastructure and user infrastructure equipment in monthly payments. During this assessment process, we commonly discover backup processes that are either flakey, or never set a system configuration setting errors within Microsoft infrastructure including active directory DNS DHCP

Configurations. The lack of documentation is also an under the surface issue that is commonly found within the first day on-site during this assessment phase. For most people, they are totally blind to the risks their lack of Ponca City IT Support has exposed them to.

if you cannot find your equipment information during a non-emergency, it’s going to be impossible to find during an emergency. With our state of the art policies compliance and password documentation we never have to worry about unknown configurations that may cause an infrastructure issue further down the road.

CT Technologies is available 24 seven for emergency support within a two hour radius of Ponca City Oklahoma, there will be a minimum four-hour charge for any on-site remote support unless your using our promotional $1 offer. Ponca City IT Support help is only $1 for your first consultation because we want to earn you business the old fashioned way. We are currently running a one dollar offer for assessments and this is a great opportunity to figure out what is missing in IT Support.

We offer unsurpassed IT services with a custom configured monthly payment that includes hardware, software support installation, service and project management, disaster recovery and ongoing hardware maintenance. We are used to working with multimillion dollar companies to help them achieve ongoing success with our own systems and processes that help get the output what is needed out of all operations data. Additionally, we are efficient with our end-users service issues. For example, we conduct yearly security conference for end-users. During this conference, we show end-users how to stay safe while surfing on the internet, shopping online and how to keep PCM’s laptops iPads and cell phones safe.

During this conference we empower managers and end-users with the capability to protect themselves as a first layer of defense against ransomware attacks versus down issues and things that can cost up to millions of dollars or severely impact quality of service to your customer base.

This is just one way we improve the quality of service and support through and user base by empowering and users to protect themselves not only at work but think the same protective measures to their non-work household protecting their families and themselves in the process. In order to achieve excellence everybody has to buy in to the new security policies and procedures it would get put in place in order to do this we seen at the conference is the best way to have an interactive experience between end-users and expert security staff and trainers please reach out directly to support@cttec.net for more information about security conference booking information.

There’s also an Outlook basic course that takes in users to the basics of organizing their folders using PST’s for back ups we also complete integrated encrypted email services for our partners. Is now utilizing 5G broadband routers for Backup WAN configurations. For ultimate redundancy and Becka fell over contingencies CT Technologies recommends are vanish software which allows us to replicate all data to simultaneous multi location BDR sites. Our packages include up to 300 TB storage lines and 700 TB of raw storage fully replicated. With our preventive backup package we offer granular and time cycled back ups to ensure that we keep sensitive and business critical information available for service and or data recovery

How can I contact CT Technology?

We can be contacted for IT support at 1-844-411-9464 We may also be contacted through our website which is CTTEC.net. Experts are standing by, waiting to help with your Ponca City IT Support and small business MSP needs.


What is the Process When Contacting CT Technology?

Reaching out to our mainline will get you in direct contact with our tier 1 support, from there we will get you set up with an account manager and visit with you about what your current issues are and some of the things that you would like to change. This process also allows us to do a deeper investigation on your systems and services that you use in order to give you a more reliable and better performing system, but also putting in place disaster recovery and security services.

CT Technologies is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.