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Why do I need IT Support?

Every company needs Ponca City IT Support no matter how small or big you are but the main difference between Information Technology (IT) Support and people that work on computers is the personal touch you get from a Managed Service Provider (MSP) company and IT Support provider like CT Technologies where we put the customer first. The only reason we’re around is to take care of our customers IT and MSP needs.


What Services Can CT Technology Provide My Business?

CT Technologies provides help desk support with a solution-based, tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 engineering project management team. The leading IT Company Ponca City innovative IT Support team specializes in cyber security defense as well as disaster recovery. We provide surveillance and system wide surveillance and auditing for business owners.

IT Support

At CT Technologies we strive to implement the best Ponca City IT Support available for a small business market. We use high-level corporate structures and technologies to improve day-to-day tasks.The end goal for our customers is to have a reliable IT Company Ponca City, on-time service with minimal interruptions for day-to-day activities this can range from mobile communication, remote Ponca City IT Support, on-site IT support and other project related support bases.


Help Desk Support

Our help desk has been trying to deal with an enormous amount of issues ranging from broken equipment to software bugs and even emergency repair services on virtual machines and infrastructure. Essentially, the help desk is the first line of defense against any issues at our customer sites. You can think of us as the firefighters that also turn into paramedics depending on what the circumstances may be.


Security Services

With today’s security challenges, business owners are in more danger than ever before with a ransom or outbreak that occurs every day. That’s when your favorite IT Company Ponca City provider comes into play. We implement services in a strategic plan to keep you from being affected and infected by such viruses and ransomware.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery provides the day-to-day operations are the most important lifeline of a business with technology being intertwined with business services no matter what your and user services we help with backing up and setting up fell over for disasters as well as having a failover solution for continuous work during disasters. Disasters can range from a wide variety of issues and that’s when you need the services of the first line of defense in Ponca City IT Support.


1. Backup Up Protection

Complete and total loss due to natural desire were tornado wind fire electrical issues. Natural disasters could take out vital system needs like capabilities of logging into your system, being able to communicate out to the Internet through email and applications, even total phone loss if you have a VOIP phone system, which is simply voice over IP. During these type of disasters the only remedy or solution is restoring from manual back up so that may or may not have been completed by your help desk employee or service provider. This will leave you in a situation where your data may not be recoverable. CT Technologies approach is to backup our customers data and in a dynamic, multi-location fail-over system as the top protection for IT Company Ponca City options. We use state of the art, data governance software and partners in order to protect and prevent system wired outages throughout Networks VLANs server configurations and/or web product. Bottom line, and what does this mean for you, the customer? This means that you’ll be able to have your data backed up 99% of the time with multi-location for fail-overs and the most high-in security features on the market. We use confidential security servers the monitor activity throughout the network and aggressive and informative fashion this allows us to see things that average anti-virus, or even Microsoft wouldn’t be picking up.


2. Ransomware

For ransomware, or some other type of virus, when a threat attacker gains access to your system, or network subnet in particular, and sends out typically SMB traffic to all your hosts on your particular segment, at that point they fire off a payload and then your files are encrypted. Then, you get a lovely little note with an email on it telling you your files have been encrypted. If you would like your files unencrypted reach out to this email address, sometimes there’s already a determined amount on there in bitcoin that will be paid for your information and usage of your systems back. More than 70 local and state governments across the US suffer ransomware attacks in 2019. This information is cited on the web link below. Please search this link for more information about cyber security in the digital age today. (https://www.cnet.com/news/ransomware-devastated-cities-in-2019-officials-hope-to-stop-a-repeat-in-2020/)


3. Human Error Lack in Policies to Maintain and Service Equipment.

OK… then there’s a human error and you need a IT Company Ponca City. This is when an employee spilled some coffee on the server or incorrectly disconnects UPS from the power. The power is on the servers seems like a little air but in fact nobody knows what the server username and password is. It’s in this scenario you’re left without the ability to use your technology. Do you locate the desired login credentials in an emergency situation? CT Technologies is prepared enable to bypass authorized systems and local securities in order to bring services back up and change over username and passwords which are then documented and given to operations for safekeeping.

What is the Ideal Customer for CT Technology?

CT Technologies ideal and likely buyer is going to be a company with 20 users or less looking to receive Ponca City IT Support and MSP Services. Anyone who is looking to upgrade their equipment and service level can benefit from the expert team at CT Technology. We work one on one with with site operations in order to formulate a plan to take care of monitor and increase performance for systems in our customers ecosystem.


How Can Our Services Help You Business?

With a range of services as your top choice in IT Company Ponca City providers that we provide will facilitate all clients network infrastructure security and disaster recovery needs while also providing a site manager that work with your operations to make IT services better. Surveillance is a necessary component for any organization that has merchandise on liability to customers and employees and or cash assets or services. CT Technologies has in-house certified technicians that can install, implement and design surveillance systems from two system units all the way up to thousands of cameras. CT Technologies Ponca City IT Support provides outstanding service and accountability on all projects that we work on. We pride ourselves on being ahead of schedule and under budget.

CT Technologies is committed to exceeding your needs and being your top recommended IT Company Ponca City. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.