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About Us

How did CT Technology Get Started?

A brief history of CT Technologies is that we started in 2009 as a managed service provider out of Oklahoma City. Since then, we have opened up offices in Eufaula, Tulsa and now Ponca City IT Support which is our new corporate office. It’s been a wonderful road dealing with our customers and providing the support they need. We encourage you to look at our reviews and see some of the things people are talking about and their experience with us.


About the Founder, Chris Tracy

Chris Tracy is the owner of CT Technologies and he is a Microsoft certified administrator and engineer as well as a certified ethical hacker. He has managed over 35 casino projects and has been in gaming industry since 2005. It’s Tracy’s IT game and experience that led to him into several different roles working with several different vendors and companies throughout Oklahoma and Las Vegas. Mr. Tracy has 18 years of IT and project management experience with development, training, security operations, and CIO services and Ponca City IT Support skill.

Technology has always been Chris’s passion since he was a young boy living in San Diego California where he used to clean VCRs and fix VHS tapes for 1 to 2 dollars. This was his first entrepreneurial move. During the same time, Chris’s father, Christopher Lee Tracy Purchased a $4,000 computer in the early 90’s. Chris became enthralled with playing all the computer video games. His favorite game was a surgical game where you had to perform actual surgery on the people. His life has always revolved around technology from video games, arcade games, VCRs, computers, and screens. He enjoys living in the future through technology. Technology is the great equalizer for all current and ongoing issues and solutions. During his early childhood, he had a lot of manual labor jobs, cement flooring, roofing, construction in general as the “Go get this.” boy. In the mid-90’s, Chris Tracy moved with his family to Okay, Oklahoma. Growing up, this was one of the small towns where there were more cows than there were people, quite frankly. From there, he eventually graduated from Muskogee High School and Indian Capital Technology Center in Muskogee Oklahoma. Chris later went on to finish both his associates, and later his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. Technology is just a tool, and like a tool, technology is something that can be used for good or bad, depending on how it is managed”. Opportunity in technology can show you some of the value saving opportunities you have when you need Ponca City IT Support services from a company like CT Technology. We encourage you to take action by reaching out for one of our security experts and tiered support technicians here at CT Technologies at (844) 411-9464. We would love to show you how to be safe in a volatile internet world.

The Need for IT Support

On a daily basis technology increases as we move along or timeline businesses have to be able to keep up with the demand of technology as well as its supporting factors. CT Technologies we believe in taking care of the customers as if they are the only thing in the world with allows us the ability to empathize while completing tasks in a timely manner.


The A Team of IT Support and Repair

We are here to support all your technology needs at all levels. With our knowledgeable staff we can help you overcome almost all any technical issue you may have revolving around Microsoft systems, networking, infrastructure engineer in VMware hyper V and several other systems.

CT Technologies is here to service all technical needs as the Ponca City IT Support, local experts. We saw a need. We knew how we could build a business to help. Most small business owners do not have the IT skill and Ponca City IT Support experience that Chris Tracy has. Most small business owners don’t have an entire team that can service all 20 user support networking services. That’s where we come in!


Does the Digital World Require IT Support for Businesses?

We live in a world where everything is digital. It is almost impossible in most industries to operate without technology. That is why we are here to help. We know you require your technology to be secure and innovative exactly like the goals you have for your business. But since most people don’t have the background and experience like our team, We make our services and skills as affordable as possible.

In a where world everything is done through technology, the way we purchase, the way we make purchasing decisions, the way we learn, work, socialize and live our daily lives, heavily immersed in technology, so do the bad guys. It’s inevitable that as you start to have success in the digital aspect of your company, whether that is in the marketing, operations, finance, supply chain or even sales department, you are at risk for the perils that exist such as viruses and malware theft.

What’s the Next Step?

Now that you realize what exactly CT Technologies and Ponca City IT Support is, what they can do, and why you need it for your small business, we encourage you to reach out. It doesn’t take much time to look at our reviews, see our video testimonials and find out exactly how we can help. We encourage you to submit your information on our website at https://cttec.net/. You can give us a call today to schedule your appointment. Dial (844) 411-9464 for a free, 1 hour engineering Support consultation and find out how we can help.

We always encourage you to reach out for a consultation because you have nothing to lose. We go above and beyond in every way possible to make sure we can understand your IT and MSP Support needs and how we can help. In terms of a consultation, we provide you an affordable solution based on your needs and you have nothing to lose and the most efficient, IT Support team to gain!