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IT and HR Auditing

Information Technology (IT) & Human Recourses (HR) audits continue to be viewed as a mysterious world that requires highly specialized skills. However, as regulatory requirements such as those imposed by the recently enacted Sarbanes-Oxley Act highlight that organizations’ financial reporting and operational performance become more and more dependent on complex information technology & Human Resources, it becomes increasingly difficult to conduct effective audits that do not include an aspect of IT & HR auditing The days of “auditing around the computer” are over. 


InterLink Managed Services

Remember when you had an IT support question or issue, or your network was down and you did not know which to worry about more; getting someone on the phone, receiving accurate answers or the amount that it will cost?

Those days are over with Interlinks IT support from CT Technologies. Your systems are constantly maintained, monitored, updated, backed up so your network is RELIABLE! No more waiting, wondering or paying for down time. You get one fixed price for your own IT staff.


Executive Recruiting

We at CT Technologies understand how vital the right talent is to the success of your business.  A bad hire is like a cancer in an organization.  In today's times, a person's 'fit' is equally important as their abilities.   Our approach is unique, because we not only consider the position, we consider the culture and overall vision of the business.

Due to our advantage in technology we utilize our proprietary systems to evaluate our candidates   The Executive Search and Recruitment Division of CT Technologies is committed to seeking and placing demonstrated, high performing individuals that will add benefit to your organization.  An investment in CT Technologies Executive and Recruitment Division is an investment in your business.


"CT Technologies is outstanding for prompt, courteous and outstanding customer service. I never hesitate doing business with you! "

Eddie Lawson